You can approach the editing process with excitement (yay my book is done!), with terror (oh no my editor is going to find out I can’t spell and my grammar sucks.), or complete apathy, releasing that hey it no big deal. A question I get asked a lot is “should I edit my book myself?” And my answer is always no. The editing process is not just spelling and grammar. It’s checking the readability. Making sure the words make sense to the reader and unfortunately, the author can’t do that. He/she is too attached to the work. So my advice to anyone who will listen is get someone else to edit your work. Even if it’s a family member or friend. You need both alpha/beta readers and someone who excels in grammar and spelling. There are a few awesome programs out there like Grammarly, but it isn’t enough. There are too many rules and exceptions for a program to sift through and most programs cannot take context into account. For example, speech typically does not fall into the good grammar box. There is too much slang and accent to be able to write speech in the context of good grammar. That is why it’s important to find someone with a good head for grammar to look at your work. So, where do you find an editor? A simple Google search will render thousands of results and this can be intimidating when you first start looking. If you are working with an agent and a publisher, chances are the editing will be taken care of for you. The publisher is investing in your work and wants it as polished as possible so it will sell well. However, if you are an indie author, self-publisher, whatever you like to call yourself then you have a verity of options. The first is simply asking a friend or family member to edit it for you. Know a retired teacher? Ask them for help. If money is a concern you can ask if they would be willing to edit for a physical copy of your book or recognition in the dedication page. Most people want to see you succeed and are more than delighted when you ask them for help but remember they have their own lives and your book might not be at the top of there to do list. If time is an import factor in your choice and you don’t mind spending some money then hiring someone to do it is a great idea. There are a lot of freelance editors who are willing to work on your book. They can price anywhere from $50 to $300 and more. If you are going to go this route, make sure the editor can offer up examples to prove their experience or why they are right for the job. Make sure they understand your deadline but try to keep your deadlines realistic, your book will not be edited in a week so don’t expect that. Well, I do hope that this has given you an idea for editing and what the process is like. If you found this informal then please give me a like, a share, and comment below. If you have any questions about the process put those in the comments below. Also if you get a chance check out The Guardian Chronicles page for more information on volume one Black Thorn which comes out November 21.

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