Working on the Holidays

It’s something a lot of us hate to admit, but sometimes the holidays is just another day in the world of an author. This time of year most of us are either working on new projects, wrapping up projects, or promoting new books, like Black Thorn šŸ™‚ so here are my tips for getting through the holidays and keeping up with your writing!

#1 set expectations.

It is completely alright to do some work on the holidays, let’s just get that out in the open right now. That being said, holidays are a time for family and friends. So before your holiday bash, talk to your family. Let them know you need to do X amount of words that day, or you need to spend an hour marketing, or you have to review X amount of pages. Keep it small so your family doesn’t feel snubbed, but enough so it’s still worth your time.

#2 Don’t beat yourself up.

Let’s all be honest, none of us are going to do our best work while people are drinking, eating, and being merry around us. As said above, so long as you get enough work done that it was worth your while then your doing fine. When you are working on a novel you fall into a routine. Most of us after a while do X amount of words or write for X amount of hours a day and routines are hard to break. I myself feel out of sorts when I don’t get my writing done. For me it’s just not natural. On the other hand if you find that it’s not going your way then it’s fine to call it quits.

#3 Don’t forget to have fun.

In the end it’s the holidays. It’s okay to have fun and set the work aside. Turn off the laptop, toss the cellphone and just enjoy the moment. The writing will always be there for you, the people in you life might not so treasure your time with them and have fun. Sure I wrote today, but I also drank, ate, and had some fantastic conversation. I encourage you all to do the same.

Thank you for reading.

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