What to do when you just don’t feel like writing

It’s been a long day and you’ve slogged away at your day job for eight or so hours. Your exhausted, your back hurts, and the last thing you want to do is sit down at your computer for another two or more hours. The very idea of writing is so unappealing it’s almost like work. Now I’m not saying that you hate your job, but when writing feels like work it takes all the fun out of it and for most of us (myself included.) when writing turns into work you just can’t do it anymore.

So what are you options? Well there are two schools of thought here; first is sit yourself down and pound out the words anyways. Even if its shit, you still need to write. Besides, you can always edit it out later if it really is shit. The second is to simply take a break. Your not at your creative best when your so beaten down. Relax, tomorrow you’ll be able to get a higher quality of work done, maybe even a higher page or word count than you normally get done.

So which is right? The answer is that both are right. Now I myself land somewhere in the middle as far as my stance goes for writing. I didn’t always feel this way, but after last year where I followed a strict writing schedule, I found myself relaxing a bit more this year.

Write, even when you don’t feel like it. Perhaps it should be especially if you don’t feel like it. That was my motto for a long time and  the motto of several other well know authors, Stephen King and RR Martin are first that come to mind. The thought is that if you stray outside your routine, then it’s harder to comeback to the page. To some extent that’s true. Whenever I take an extended break from writing, its always that much harder to get back into my grove. Depression also affects my ability to pick up the pen, but writing has most often been my salvation from that. When you take breaks from a project, you start to lose ground, and most often the story becomes just that, a story. It loses the real feel of it.


Take a break and restore your creative juices. Just like so many authors say, “you must write every single day or else,” just as many say the latter. One has put it like this. You can sit at your desk for eight hours and not get a single thing done, but your subconscious has been working and the next day you’ll get twice as much work done. There’s truth in this, I know because it has happened to me. Both as an artist and a writer I have often been intimidated by the blinding island of white that is the blank page. I have sat there trying my hardest to come up with an idea. Pulling out all my tricks and yet nothing works. So eventually when I see that nothing will get done, I take that as my queue to either take a break or quit for the day. Like clock work when I come back to the page I’m able to produce.

I hope this helps you guys through your writers block. If you liked this please give it a thumbs up, share on social media, and comment below on what you do for your writers block. Also if you haven’t already check out my novel Black Thorn. That’s all for now, thanks for reading. 

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