Some Awesome uploads coming up shortly…

So a few weeks ago I was asked to sign my novel Black Thorn. It was completely out of the blue, by a co-worker who told me, “I don’t read for pleasure.” To say I was pleased is a huge understatement.

Now I did post this on the Guardian Chronicles Facebook page, but I thought I would post it here.

I also have a small announcement, I am working on a few blog posts centered on creating works of fantasy. With this I will be posting the prologue and select portions of Black Thorn. I figure it’s a great way for me to show how I was able to execute my ideas.

I’ll also be creating a blog post covering my inspiration for the Guardian Chronicles, what the book is about without spoiling the good parts, and where the series is going. What I have planned and what some ideas that haven’t made it into the series outline yet.

These are also topics I may turn into YouTube videos, so it can be a more informal discussion. I haven’t completely been sold on that idea yet, but it’s possible.

As always thank you for reading and sticking with me. If you enjoy my writing be sure to share it around, give it a big thumbs up, and tell me what you think in the comments. Also if you’d like to check out Black Thorn just click HERE!

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