Write everyday

So my last post I shared with you my list of authors and encouraged you to read everyday. Today I’m finishing the golden rule with Write Everyday! So the big question always is, “what do I write about?” The answer is pretty simple, whatever you damn well please. Just do it everyday. Here’s my short list for writing ideas to keep you writing everyday.

#1 journal entries

Writing in a journal is a great way to clear your mind. There’s something profoundly freeing about getting your feelings, thoughts, and day out on paper. There are a few different kinds of journals you can keep; from day journals where you keep track of events and how you felt that day to a story journal where you keep track of your story ideas. I myself do the latter. I fill the little note app on my iPhone with all types of story ideas from fantasy to romance to historical. Obviously most of these will never become novels but it’s good to keep track.

#2 Research notes

Not all writing needs to be story driven. The act of writing is what your aiming for. Creating the flow of ideas and making them come everyday is as much an art as it is an exercise. However I find that sometimes it’s nice to kill two birds with one stone. Most novels require research, even fantasy. There are always aspects you’ll need to look up for plot or setting and writing notes on what you find definitely count as writing.

#3 Lists

As lame as it might sound writing out a list is still writing. This is more on the idea creating end as with a list your not working on grammar and form, but the act is still there. For this reason of simplicity it’s at the bottom of the list, no pun intended.

Writing can be hard at times, but getting yourself used to doing it everyday goes a long way to helping you create works of fiction. So relax, grab your drink of choice and pick up that word processor or notebook. Write every single day one way or another. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this blog post please checkout my other ones. Also if you check out my novel Black Thorn please leave a review. Positive reviews help my visibility on amazon and barns and noble. Until next time.

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